About Us

The Impact You Need

Impact Talent is a human resource organization that provides integrated human development solutions to private and public businesses across the country. Our key objective is to transform businesses into more productive and profitable entities by giving them the right talent and assisting them to manage their human capital efficiently.

We are passionate about assisting both the employer and potential employee by acting as the link between the two. We also ensure that the best interests of all parties are taken into consideration when executing our duties. We derive joy from seeing everyone satisfied with the outcome of any interaction and deploy industry standard techniques to ensure a heightened success rate with all our engagements.



To help employers achieve success through people and the community



To become the number one human resource consulting firm in Africa

Our Methodology

We understand that the processes we use in the delivery of our services are critical to overall success. It is for that reason that we employ a holistic approach that links each step , promotes clarity and allows us to take on projects and requests of any scale. 



We interact extensively with the client in order to fully capture and understand their needs and specific requirements for the requested service.



Using client requirements, we then customise our service offering to suit their needs and present them with all possible options.



Once an option is selected, we mobilise the necessary resources to execute the service as envisioned and agreed upon by the client.



We ensure that the engagement lead to the desired outcome by checking up periodically and maintaining open channels for follow ups.

"Developing your greatest assets"