Our Services

Our services are centered around the identification, assessment and recommendation of human resources to companies in line with both the talents of the individual and the requirements of the employer.

Our expertise lies in finding the best-fit candidate for a wide variety of positions across numerous industries. We also ensure existing staff improve their skills by conducting  world-class training and development sessions.

We provide 3 main services



We identify and recruit skilled professionals with the potential to add real value to your organization, help you achieve sustained growth and become competitive worldwide.

When providing permanent and temporary recruitment services, we identify people who are performing well in similar roles within the same or a related industry. We also offer executive search services by accessing our database of high-performing and result-oriented corporate executives. Head hunting is our executive search strategy because it ensures that the right candidates are selected for middle to senior executive job roles.

We have provided quality, timely and cost-effective recruitment services at various levels for many businesses.

Some sectors we have recruited for include:


Training and Development

We design and deliver impactful, pragmatic and unique training programmes that directly address and build management/employees’ skills, knowledge and performance. Our modules span a variety of soft skills, technical skills and health & safety trainings where each participant is provided with a training resources containing detailed notes, case studies and exercises.

The training sessions are delivered through a workshop format enabling participants to identify the best practices of their profession and learn from one another’s experiences through case studies, role play, group projects and open discussions. The ideas and methodologies presented would be related to participants’ experiences, so that through avenues for adopting high standard practices the foundation for a paradigm shift in behavior would be set.

Training Courses / Modules – Some of our training courses are listed below. However, this is not an exhaustive list so you can get in touch with us for the full list or if you have any questions.

Soft Skills

Health and Safety Skills



Our outsourcing service is designed to enable your organization to cut costs on human resources and allow the business to focus on core operations. We assign an on-site manager to oversee the outsourced staff and ensure efficiency in output.

Our approach is to take over the management of new and existing employees from the client. This includes executing all payroll services and ensuring that remuneration, statutory taxes, social security contributions, feeding & transportation allowance/arrangements and other benefits are all agreed prior to commencement.

Should you require the outsourcing of a large number of personnel as factory hands or even a handful of casual workers, we would be glad to assist. Regular performance appraisals on the staff are run by the on-site manager together with relevant supervisors from the client. The aim is to provide useful feedback to outsourced staff that would encourage good work performance.

Outsourcing not only causes an increase in productivity and profit; it ensures that your organization is able to start new projects quickly, level the playing field and reduce risks associated with human resource management.